The Poppy Run 2018

On Sunday 4th November 2018 I travelled to Southampton Common with my girls to take part in this years Poppy Run in support of the Royal British Legion. Now before I go into the event it's worth mentioning that the Royal British Legion is a charity close to my heart. As a serving member of... Continue Reading →

Ageas Bowl 10K

On Sunday 30th September 2018, I travelled to the Ageas Bowl to take on their 10k challenge. Following an evening of prep and let's face it there wasn't much that needed to be done as it's only a 10k, I made sure I got to bed at a reasonable time to rest up ready for... Continue Reading →

Kit Bag Essentials

You have spent months training for an event and when the time finally arrives you need to make sure you have prepped yourself fully, the last thing you want to do is worry that you haven't done something and taint race day. I go through the same routine each time of laying all my kit... Continue Reading →


So the big day that you have trained so long for has come and you have done the business, for some that's where it stops. So many finish an event and go straight to the bar or into a car for the journey home. The second you cross the finish line that's where your recovery... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Race?

So it has come to that time again where I am looking at what and where I am going to race in 2019. Whilst I was browsing different events it's made me think, why do we sign up? We can quite easily put on our trainers and head out to run whatever distance we want... Continue Reading →

New Forest Marathon 2018

On Sunday 9th September 2018 I travelled to the New Forest Show Ground, Brockenhurst to take part in the New Forest Marathon. Although the race was on Sunday the experience started on Saturday with me and my family travelling to Brockenhurst to collect my race pack for the event. I could tell that this was... Continue Reading →

Summer Nuts Challenge 2018

On Saturday 1st September 2018 I travelled to Dorking, Surrey to take on 2 laps of the Nuts Challenge course. Before The Day Prior to the event I was sent an email giving me all the information I needed. My bib number, start time, when to arrive and what to expect. It answered all my... Continue Reading →

Rymora Compression Socks – Review

Since serving in the British Army I have experienced some discomfort in my shins and fatigue in my calfs from time to time, this is due to wearing boots and carrying loads over varying terrain throughout the years.┬áNow with my milage ever increasing I decided to look for some kit which would help me in... Continue Reading →

Road or Trail?

So which are you? Are you normally seen with clean trainers pounding the pavement dodging pedestrians and cars or are you found in the hills with mud up the back of your legs trainers caked in mud but dodging livestock instead of cars? Now when training I do a mix of both road and trail... Continue Reading →

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